No 2020 Awards Due to Covid Cancellations, See you all in 2021!

Membership(s) must be purchased prior to event or within a 7 day grace period after the end of an event to have points count toward year end awards.

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Amateur & Amateur Select

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2017 Special Award Recognition

Congratulations to Joni Hunt who was chosen for the 2017 Sportmanship Award! Her cheerfulness and willingness to help is appreciated.

Congratulations to Kristen Gonsoir on winning the 2017 SD AQHA most valuable professional horseman!

Congratulations also go to Cee Heart Quarter Horses on winning the Producer of the Year Award!


Adelia Cuka & Bunnys Ovation: High Point Amateur Select Trail, High Point L1 Open Trail, High Point Amateur Select Aged Mares

April Zilverberg & Oops A Spoonful: Amateur Select High Point Amateur Cutting
Anne Marie Johnson & Fancy Chex: Open High Point Senior Ranch Riding, High Point Select Amateur Ranch Riding, High Point L1 Amateur Ranch Riding
Brad Hauge & Ima Gunfighter: Open High Point Yearling Geldings & High Point Amateur Yearling Geldings
Brent Lester & Double Down Remedy: High Point Amateur Cowhorse
Heather Sutton & Bright Starlights: Open High Point Senior Cutting/ & CD Cut The Lights: Open High Point Performance Stallion, Open Reserve High Point L3 Tie Down/ & CD Candlelight Jazz: Open High Point Senior Cowhorse/ & RWS Vacas Benito Bar: Open High Point Aged Stallions, Open High Point Junior Ranch Riding, High Point Amateur Ranch Riding, High Point Amateur Boxing; Reserve Amateur All-Around
Jecca Ostrander & Boxo Valentine Blue: High Point Ranch Horse Versatility/ & Boxo Valentine Cat: Reserve High Point Ranch Horse Versatility
Jim & Joni Hunt & Flit Wonder: High Point L3 Tie Down
Jodie Svennes & A Mr Showpoke: High Point Select Amateur Aged Geldings, Reserve High Point L1 Amateur Showmanship, Reserve High Point L1 Amateur Horsemanship, High Point L1 Amateur Equitation, High Point L1 Amateur Hunter Under Saddle; Reserve L1 Amateur All-Around
Madelyn Seidel & Deluxe Goods: Open High Point Senior Pleasure
Nancy Tweet & Macs Sweet Illusion: High Point Select Amateur Hunter Under Saddle/ & Many Good Taxreturns: High Point Select Amateur Performance Geldings, High Point Amateur Showmanship, High Point Amateur Equitation, High Point Amateur Pleasure; Amateur Select All-Around
Penny Petersen & Falcons Red Rose: High Point Pole Bending, High Point Amateur Performance Mares, High Point Amateur Barrels, High Point Amateur Pole Bending; Open Reserve All– Around, Amateur
All-Around/ & Peppy Docs Bay: Open Reserve High Point Pole Bending, Reserve High Point Amateur Barrels, Reserve High Point Amateur Ranch Riding, Reserve High Point Amateur Barrels
Reid Hockenson & CD Dyna Cee: Open High Point Junior Cowhorse; Open All-Around
Sandra Madsen & Smokin Hot Romance: Open High Point Yearling Mares & High Point Select Amateur Yearling Mares
Sheila Prins & Mosly Invited: High Point L1 Amateur Showmanship & Reserve High Point L1 Amateur Horsemanship
Trisha Pitts & Revolutionary Star: High Point Amateur Reining
Wanda Carr & One Powerful Krymsum: Open High Point L1 Pleasure, High Point L1 Amateur Horsemanship, High Point L1 Amateur Pleasure, High Point L1 Amateur Trail; L1 Amateur All-Around
Weber Quarter Horses & Catsanova Cowboy: Open High Point L2 Heading & Reserve High Point Senior Cutting

Shelby Holmes: High Point L1 Showmanship, High Point Performance Mare, High Point 14-18
Emily Johnson: High Point L1 Equitation, High Point L1 Horsemanship, High Point L1 Pleasure, High Point L1 Pleasure, High Point 13 & Under Showmanship, High Point 13 & Under Pleasure, High Point 13 & under Horsemanship, High Point 13 & Under Equitation High Point , 13 & Under Hunter Under saddle, ReserveL1 Hunter Under Saddle, Reserve13 & Under Aged Gelding ; All Around Youth All Ages, L1 All Around 13 and Under, All Around High Point Junior Girl

Allison Longhenry: High Point L1 Hunter Under Saddle, Reserve L1 Equitation, Reserve L1 Showmanship; Reserve L1 All Around
Claire Longhenry: Reserve L1 Pleasure, 3rd L1 Showmanship, 3rd L1 Equitation, 3rd L1 Hunter Under Saddle, 4th L1 Horsemanship
Rachel Retterath: High Point 14-18 Aged Gelding, Reserve , L1 Horsemanship, 3rd L1 Pleasure, 4th L1 Equitation, 4th L1 Hunter Under Saddle 4th L1 Showmanship; High Point Senior Girl
Madelyn Seidel: Reserve 14-18 Pleasure
Colin Sprinkle: High Point L1 Trail, High Point Aged Mare, 3rd L1 Horsemanship, 5th L1 Showmanship; High Point Senior Boy
Zane Zilverberg: High Point Cutting


mad 1
dean johnson
larry larson
Kristen Gonsoir
Trisha Pitts
Reid Hockenson
Adelia 2
Jecca Ostrander - Burnt - 7th at world Amateur Ranch Riding
Delci and Plenty Good N Famous
Cinch and Zane res Champ Youth Showmanship
Anne Marie
brent lester
Delci and Plenty Good N Famous
Jecca Houston 2017_68_610
Wanda Carr
Falcons Red Rose
Heather Sutton and Vacas Benito Bar
Nancy Tweet
Heather ben ranch riding
Jodie Svennes