The South Dakota Quarter Horse Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and providing beneficial services and opportunities for all horse enthusiasts. Our goal is to develop our membership through educational programs, recognition programs, recreational opportunities, the monitoring of equine public policy, the fostering of industry relations, and the marketing, promotion, and publicity of the American Quarter Horse.


Annual Banquet & Meeting January 7th, 8th, and 9th 2022

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2022 National Director Opening

Dear SDQHA Members:


I would like to notify you that based on the allocation of Directors and the elevation of Janet Hansen to Director Emeritus during the 2022 AQHA Convention, South Dakota will have a vacancy on AQHA’s Board of Directors. Congratulations Janet Hansen on your upcoming elevation to Director Emeritus!


Qualified individuals interested in representing South Dakota on AQHA’s Board of Directors should complete the attached application and submit it along with a headshot and short bio to SDQHA Vice-President Jodie Svennes by December 1, 2021. Eligible applicants' bios and photos will be published on the SDQHA website to allow the membership to get to know the candidates before voting at the January 8, 2022, annual meeting in Pierre, SD. To cast a vote for National Director, SDQHA membership must have been obtained prior to September 30, 2021, and a 2022 membership must have been purchased prior to voting. Each eligible family membership is allowed up to 2 votes if two members of the family are present. Business and individual memberships present are allowed one vote per membership. No mail in or proxy votes are allowed.


The affiliate's collective applicant recommendation will be forwarded before February 1,2022 to the AQHA Nominations & Credentials Committee for their review and consideration during the 2022 AQHA Convention in Las Vegas.  


Members, please mark your calendars for the annual meeting and banquet extravaganza to be held January 7-9. The banquet committee is planning a great event filled with fun and fellowship while honoring many greats in our South Dakota equine industry. A complete weekend schedule will be available soon!


One last item, anyone interested in to apply for the following positions for SDQHA 2022; Points Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary/Website is encouraged to submit their bid to Jodie Svennes or myself prior to the annual meeting.    




Kristen Gonsoir- M.S.ed.

AQHA Professional Horseman Mentor, AQHA Level 1 and Specialized Ranch Riding Judge

SDQHA President

Chemistry Instructor and Speech and Debate Coach

Fulbright Japan ICT Teacher Exchange

NEA Foundation Global Fellow


2021 SDQHA Executive Committee

2021 Officers

Kristen Gonsoir, President

Jodie Svennes, Vice President/Treasurer

Victoria Cuka, Secretary/Web Master

Becky Johnson, Youth Advisors

Janet Hansen, Point Secretary

State Directors

Shirley Wetz

Joellen Miller

Sheila Price

Bob Quikstad

Troy Crowser

Heather Sutton

Penny Petersen

Beth Price

Amy Krueger

Dede Cuka

National Directors

Debbi Holmes-Stockstill

Janet Hansen

Jim Hunt

Dean Johnson

Georga Sutton, AQHA Honorary Vice President

James Hootman, National Director Emeritus

Mike Clites National Directors Emeritus

Larry Larson, National Director at Large

James Sutton, National Directors At Large


2020 SDQHA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - (Seated) President Kristen Gonsoir, Groton; Vice-President /Treasurer Jodie Svennes, Brandt; and Secretary/Webmaster Victoria Cuka, Vale. (Standing) AQHA National Directors Larry Larson, Rapid City; Jim Hootman, Harrisburg; Georga Sutton, Gettysburg (Honorary Vice-President); Jim Hunt, Faith; Janet Hansen, Fort Pierre; Dean Johnson, Mud Butte; and Debbi Holmes Stockstill, Virgil.  SDQHA State Directors Bob Quickstad, Whitewood; Penny Petersen, Mitchell; Sheila Prins, Sisseton; Shirley Wetz, Vale; Joellen Miller, Houghton; Sheila Price, Reliance; Troy Crowser, Whitewood; and Dede Cuka, Wagner.


Success! Message received.

AQHA Region 2