Dear SDQHA Members,

I am excited to serve SDQHA for another year as president. 2020 has certainly been a challenge in many regards. While we didn't get to do many of the things we may have planned, there were still many opportunities for making memories. I did find myself enjoying the slower pace of my 2020 summer, however, I sure missed many of my horse and SDQHA friends.

Plans are in the works for 2021 to be a great year for SDQHA and the American Quarter Horse! Please be on the lookout for South Dakota AQHA Show dates to be posted soon. AQHA events in SD will be kicking off very shortly at the Black Hills Stock Show. On January 21 and 22 at the Central States Fairgrounds will be a 2 judge AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse Contest. The BHSS Winter Classic AQHA Show will begin January 23 with six days of shows with 8 judges. The SDQHA Show Committee is hard at work on SDQHA's own show- The SDQHA Summer Shootout to be held in Brookings June 17-20, 2021. This show will have 6 judges over the four day split combined format. SDQHA is looking for volunteers for gates, arena set up, ect. at Brookings.


SDQHA Proud!

Kristen Gonsoir


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2021 SDQHA Executive Committee

2021 Officers

Kristen Gonsoir, President

Jodie Svennes, Vice President/Treasurer

Victoria Cuka, Secretary/Web Master

Becky Johnson, Youth Advisors

Janet Hansen, Point Secretary

State Directors

Shirley Wetz

Joellen Miller

Sheila Price

Bob Quikstad

Troy Crowser

Heather Sutton

Penny Petersen

Beth Price

Amy Krueger

Dede Cuka

National Directors

Debbi Holmes-Stockstill

Janet Hansen

Jim Hunt

Dean Johnson

Georga Sutton, AQHA Honorary Vice President

James Hootman, National Director Emeritus

Mike Clites National Directors Emeritus

AQHA Directors-At-Large.Dr. R.M. Christensen, National Director at Large

Larry Larson, National Director at Large

James Sutton, National Directors At Large


2020 SDQHA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - (Seated) President Kristen Gonsoir, Groton; Vice-President /Treasurer Jodie Svennes, Brandt; and Secretary/Webmaster Victoria Cuka, Vale. (Standing) AQHA National Directors Larry Larson, Rapid City; Jim Hootman, Harrisburg; Georga Sutton, Gettysburg (Honorary Vice-President); Jim Hunt, Faith; Janet Hansen, Fort Pierre; Dean Johnson, Mud Butte; and Debbi Holmes Stockstill, Virgil.  SDQHA State Directors Bob Quickstad, Whitewood; Penny Petersen, Mitchell; Sheila Prins, Sisseton; Shirley Wetz, Vale; Joellen Miller, Houghton; Sheila Price, Reliance; Troy Crowser, Whitewood; and Dede Cuka, Wagner.

AQHA Level 1


The South Dakota Quarter Horse Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and providing beneficial services and opportunities for all horse enthusiasts. Our goal is to develop our membership through educational programs, recognition programs, recreational opportunities, the monitoring of equine public policy, the fostering of industry relations, and the marketing, promotion, and publicity of the American Quarter Horse.


AQHA Region 2