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Member Spotlight: Sheila Schelske

1. When did you join SDQHA? 

I joined SDQHA in 2013 I believe.

2. What has been a highlight over the past year? 

Highlights over the last year have been on the personal side. I married my husband Ryan Schelske on August 21, 2021 and we are currently expecting our first child who is due December 1st!

3. What horse was your first AQHA registered? 

 I grew up riding quarter horses of my mom's, but my first AQHA registered show horse was Hollywood Pick Play. We've owned him since he was 3 and he's still my main gelding. I'm sure he's looking forward to having a new little girl to show the ropes to!

4. What is your favorite horse that you have owned? 

I've been blessed by many amazing horses, but Flint (Hollywood Pick Play) is my heart horse.

5. Favorite SDQHA show memory? 

So many memories, but my favorite has to be road tripping across the US with Sarah and Rachelle Bebo to go show at Novice Championships in Vegas!

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