Member Spotlight: Debbi Holmes - Stockstill 

1. When did you join SDQHA? 

20 years ago or so.

2. What has been a highlight over the past year? 

There are so many, but it really touched us when my husband, Wayne, was selected for the SDQHA Sportsmanship Award! Thank you so much to the SDQHA for honoring him in that way!

3. What horse was your first AQHA registered? 

I had many horses that I claimed as mine growing up of my folks’, but the first AQHA registered horse in my name was a gift from my parents to get my operation started after I graduated from all my schooling. She was a beautiful chestnut mare sired by Bills Rock, Sutton’s good son of Cutter Bill. Her dam was by my family’s first stallion, Mr Judge Bars, purchased the year I was born, and out of a very kind daughter of Leo San (she was us kids’ playground growing up!) They figured she was their best mare, and I am eternally grateful for their generosity in getting me started out well! 

4. What is your favorite horse that you have owned? 


My favorite horse is Beauty Baroness, a 2003 bay daughter of the AQHA Superhorse, Mr Baron Red. I had borrowed money to go to the Pitzer sale to buy her, but she was out of my price range. I tracked her down as having sold to Watertown, South Dakota and went to see her and how she was producing over the years. After a while, the owners decided to get out of breeding mares, and visited my little ranch (unknown to me). I got a random phone call from them, stating they had checked it out, felt the mare would have a good home, and asked if I wanted to lease her. I jumped at the opportunity and after a couple years was able to purchase her. She crosses well with any stallion and makes me look like I know what I’m doing! I currently have 5 of her offspring, including my home grown AQHA Champion mare, Chexajillion, and home grown 2 time AQHA L2 Reserve World Champion stallion, Mr Wimpy Red. She has also produced big time roping money earners, point earners in 8 events, numerous ROMs, and Superiors.  


5. Favorite SDQHA show memory? 

 It has to be showing another daughter of Mr Baron Red at one of the Huron shows. I was pretty new to showing halter, and my dad and Ray Sutton were outside the ring helping me know if I had the mare set up correctly. I remember concentrating so hard on figuring out what they were trying to gesture me to do, then all of a sudden their eyes got big and they started pointing excitedly and cracking up. I looked back and my mare had already made it to her knees getting ready for a good roll! Luckily I got her back up before she made it all the way down and hurriedly tried to brush the sand off before the judge came to me. Much to my surprise, the judge placed me first! I was so flustered I didn’t know what to do for Grand, and the ring steward kindly told me there was one more class, but after that I could come back in and play. I laugh every time I think of it!

What is your favorite AQHA convention memory? Would you recommend attending the AQHA convention? 

My favorite AQHA convention memory would be my interview to become a National Director. I was nervous and intimidated when I saw who was in the room, but Carol Rose asked me some very good questions and gave me some feedback that I will never forget and made me feel so amazing. I highly recommend attending the AQHA Convention! The American Quarter Horse plays such a huge role in many of our lives, and it is necessary to make sure that the Association that protects our horse, our livelihoods, and our recreation is healthy and functioning well. It is a great place to keep up with what is going on in our industry, the obstacles we may face, and figure out where your particular talents are beneficial to the whole. It is also wonderful to meet other amazing horse people and form lifelong friendships!